Goodbye youth, welcome career!


In the days when I took the first step to University of London, like every university, I went to club meetings with new students at the beginning of the year. Waiting for me to start the introduction of the club, enthusiastically, huge management! article appeared, our friend appeared and started his speech. “Do you want to manage too? Do you want to be a boss, not an invisible or excluded employee, but a voice to other people? Then you are exactly at the right place.” At that moment, I met the feeling of unrest at the university for the first time and left the hall.

I am not opposed to the sense of management here or the beautiful Business or Economics students who want to have a successful career. Here I oppose the way of administration imposed on man. Since the first day I spent at the university, I realized that what is generally imposed on us is only important to have a successful and good career. Only from the mouths of people along when I hit the inhalation "There's good money in my brother nay, let my brother what Acala rich." And moved on.

While we need to live our youth spirit with our friends, people should say, “Sir , don't be silly, you should work like a dog and get somewhere. No laziness! You will be hungry! You've been working under someone else throughout your life.”

These imposed career events led to future anxiety in us students. Even when we go out, we live a life where your mind is in lesson. Currently, no one around me believes that he will be happy with the salary of the civil servant.

Of course, money is a necessary tool for the livelihood of every human being. But money was so exalted that we were constantly exposed to the perception that happiness was bought with money.

Since my childhood, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to many people by living in touristic areas and working in hotels and cafes. Well, if I ask you, if money brings so much happiness, why does almost every person I talk about shine with his eyes shining while telling about his child or youth? While we have accumulated our best memories in those times when we do not know what money means, we have started to stress during the process they try to tell us what money means.

“This is a university, not a pressure cooker” - 3 Idiots